Psychological Anosognosia


As we adjust the chips and wires to try and make our online identities please the social audience’s expectations, as we try to cope with the standard, the conventional, the general struggle for perfection, we tend to have no time to admit failure or weakness. We cannot show it or openly talk about it until, at some point, as some part of our nature deteriorates under the pressure of the stressing habits we impose to it, we end up tricking ourselves into believing that everything is fine.

But then in the chance to widen one´s own perspectives through travels and in the uncorrupted genuine flow of the creative mind, I see the most efficient protest against this psychological anosognosia of our times.

*Anosognosia is a neurological condition (not a psychological one. Allow me the poetic license). The word derives from the Greek nosos, “disease”, and gnosis, “knowledge”, and denotes the inability to acknowledge disease in oneself. Imagine, for example, the victim of a major stroke having the left side of the body entirely paralyzed and yet being completely oblivious of the problem. To the question “How do you feel?”, the patient unable to move even a single muscle in the left part of the body would reply with a sincere “Fine”.